Nile Nickel Discusses – FEAR the Google Car – Self-Driving Car Collides With Bus

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Is this the Ultimate FEAR of Drivers on the Road?

One of Google parent Alphabet Inc.’s self-driving cars hit a bus while in autonomous mode. That may count as the first accident that was the fault of the computer. After more than 2 million miles on the road, it’s possible one of Google’s self-driving SUVs may be at fault in an accident after the car bumped into the side of a public bus at a low speed earlier this month. The low-speed accident, which had no injuries, represents the fear associated with this new technology.

Are drivers on the road in FEAR of the self-driving car? Why?

– In a AAA survey of 1,800 drivers 75% of drivers say they wouldn’t feel safe in Self Driving Car, but 60% of those same drives said they would like to get some kind of self-driving feature, such as automatic braking or self-parking, the next time they buy a new car.

– It’s just strange to see a car moving without a driver. We have been taught for our entire driving history this isn’t a go thing. It will take a while for our perceptions to change.
How does this accident change the perception of the self-driving car?

– This is the “see I told you so incident.”

– It will be difficult to shed our preconceived notions of what driving means to us, because despite the great feeling I get when I’m in control, I have to be aware that I’m always one human error away from causing myself or someone else great bodily harm. That’s why we have to be prepared to be unselfish if this technology improves to a level where a switch to full automation (at least on public roads) is in the best interest of society.