Today’s Technology is Smarter Than You

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St Petersburg, Florida – March 10, 2016 – Most people agree that our technology is getting smarter, but most don’t realize how smart. In reality, smart technology is around us every day. From surveillance cameras to clothing, today’s smart technology is watching us, helping us, and getting smarter because of us. As our processing power, bandwidth, and storage continue to expand exponentially, we will definitely see more and more smart technologies in our life. How can you and/or your company work smarter with these and other types of smart technologies?

How is technology becoming smarter?
Near the top of the list is the futurologist Ray Kurzweil, who has much to say about our technological future, and also about the growth in human intelligence. His views are quite optimistic, especially around computers and the nature of knowledge. Kurzweil popularized the concept of ‘the Singularity’. Singularity describes a tipping point in technological development when computers exceed the power of total human capability. This will occur, Kurzweil argues, due to a rapid advance of technology and proliferation of human and machine intelligence. I would also add the connectedness and high-speed bandwidth of the Internet.

Is it becoming smarter than us?
Smarter, I don’t think so, more knowledgeable, certainly.
We simply don’t know if computers can or will surpass human thought, or what the implications might be if they eventually do. Such questions have for years been a focus of the Strong vs. Weak AI (Artificial Intelligence) debate.
Some leading scientist and technologist would disagree with me. Stephan Hawking, theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. They express concerns about computers becoming to smart and taking over the world.
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