Living without Cable and Much More

Erskine Overnight<July 30, 2016> Technology Rporter Nile Nickel on Erskine Overnight

Living without Cable

TV has changed. Not only is the programming quality significantly better than we were kids, the way some of us watch television is radically different.
This is the era of streaming content.More and more American households embracing paid streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu. Therefore, their subscriptions to cable TV are starting to fade away. What are the advantages and disadvantages to cutting the cord and being reliant solely on the internet for programming?
Technological and Social Media Specialist Nile Nickel uses his expertise to elaborate the new idea of cutting the cord and why it is starting to be the talk of the tech industry.
In an interview, Nile Nickel shares the many advances in this new trend and how it can be both positive/negative for the future.
  • Why are so many people cutting the cord?
  • Is the decision based on content or pricing?
  • Will the FCC decide to somehow limit what we stream and how much content we use?
  • How does the whole internet streaming concept work?
  • What are some of the other advancements that may be coming in the near future?

To listen, click on this link: Nile Nickel as Heard on Erskine Overnight, July 30, 2016