Apple iPhone6 Crashes Servers

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Nile was interviewed 10/7/14 @ 8:30AM (Hour 3)


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So on to the interview>


Pre-orders are so strong for the Apple’s iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus that many sites, including Apple’s, have frozen or outright crashed just trying to keep up with the demand.

It all started soon after midnight Pacific Time, when Apple formally started accepting advance orders. The company’s reportedly producing up to 80 million units in anticipation of strong demand – about 30 million more orders than it planned for last year’s iPhone5S initial release.

Technological and Social Media Specialist Nile Nickel uses his expertise to elaborate on why Apple has big expectations for their new iPhone6 release, along with all their other new technology.

  1. How has Apple remained such a technological monster in the business of digital devices?

The new launch for the iPhone 6 and 6+ hasn’t been smooth.

  1.  The livestream coverage could keep up with the demand.
  2. Prelaunch orders crashed Apples, AT&T’s, Verizon’s, Sprint’s and T-Mobiles Servers.
  3. The “Bendgate” PR problem.
  4. The automatic population of the new U2 album in your iTunes library, weather you wanted it or not.
  5. And finally the iOS 8.0.1 software update bomb, which was almost immediately pulled and replaced a few days later days later with an 8.0.2 update.
  6. And the latest “Hairgate”

The new launch could have gone much more smoothly.

So why has Apple remained the must have phone for the top end business professionals and the more affluent crowd?

5 Major Reasons

  1.  Quality manufacture
  2. Better Security
  3. Ease of Integration
  4. App Store
  5. Status Symbol

What are some of the major overhauls of the new iPhone6? (The top 10)

Higher resolution Display

  •              iPhone models feature what Apple is calling its Retina HD display: a fingerprint-resistant 326ppi screen with 1334 x 750 resolution, a 1400:1 contrast ratio and wider viewing angles. Marketing-speak aside, the display is impressive.
  •              iPhone 6 1334 x 750
  •             iPhone 6+ 1920 x 1080
  •              Wider-angle viewing

Larger Displays

4.7” & 5.5”

Better Camera

Apple-designed image signal processor, enabling a feature called Focus Pixels that provides much faster auto-focus than before.  The iPhone 6 can finally shoot 1080p video at 60fps. This helps reduce motion stutter and also produces better slow motion than what can be achieved at 30fps.  And speaking of slow motion, the iPhone 6 can now shoot 720p video at 240 frames per second. Frankly, I love this feature; it’s like getting a brand new perspective on everyday occurrences.

Image Stabilization

Motion coprocessor

Update processor (Faster & Lower Power)

Much greater Battery Life

More Memory (Now up to 128 GB)

Lighter & Thinner


Fitness Features and apps

iWatch (Coming)


  1. Will anyone ever be able to overtake the Apple crown?

The new features put the iPhone at the top again . . . there are certain features Apple has other competitors don’t and visa-a versa.

But Apple’s been here before.

In my opinion they have to find a better way to open up more or their integration advantage, or they won’t be on top forever.

Apple’s worldwide market share has dropped to an all time low of about 12% vs. the Android and Windows Phone. (Notice I left the Blackberry out)

Just a few years ago it was Apple with the 80% market share.

But in the major industrial markets the iPhone still reins

They need memory add-in cards

Replaceable batteries

Better integration to non-Apple products.