Nile Nickel on i Phone Security & Lock-out Issue

February 17, 2016 – Raleigh North Carolina

Nile Nickel on i Phone Security & Lock-out Issue on the Bill LuMaye Show

Bill LuMaye

WPTF Partners

Phone security is a serious issue. Your cellphone in the wrong hands can reveal everything from your financial and health issues to your sexual preferences. It could even allow someone to drain your bank accounts and use your credit cards Phone manufactures recognize this issue and have added features to secure and protect that information. But what happens when that technology bits us back?

Some iPhone uses have experienced the “Error 53” lock. It seems the very device used to protect the sensitive information on your phone may actually put all that information at risk of being lost. Users that have experienced the not infamous “Error 53” have found there phone is now an expensive electronic brick and that all of your data is lost. Apple says nothing that can be done short of buying a new iPhone.

Apple is now under pressure to scrap its policy of permanently disabling repaired iPhone 6s when software is upgraded, following a global consumer backlash and claims the company could be acting illegally.

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