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As an Internationally recognized technology expert Nile Nickel has a media market reach in excess of 60 million people in all 50 states each week as the “Tech Expert” on HSN’s “My Cool Inventions”  (MCI) show which is heard on over 97 of radio stations throughout the US and Canada.

With guest appearances on other media networks, Nile is heard on over 340 radio stations each month as he provides expert stories and commentary on science, technology, and social media topics. Combined with his weekly MCI show, each week Nile is heard by over 100 million listeners, with most interviews airing in the prime drive time hours.

It is not unusual to find Nile on television as he is a regular guest expert on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox affiliates across the country in major markets like New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, and Las Vegas.

Nile’s weekly Podcast “The Social Media Business Hour” is syndicated throughout the US,  Europe, and Australia. Here’s a graphic of a few of the stations where you can hear Nile’s interviews. Coming in October his new daily “Top Technology Tips” program will be coming to a radio station in your area soon.

Station Sample

Partial Listing of Stations Where Nile Can Be Heard

Radio Statio Listing

Thank you for visiting the site. This is where I share the resources and interview notes for some of the various radio, television and Podcast interviews I provide. During these interviews I always get asked for resources, well here they are for you to use, all of them including the some of the ones that never get discussed on the air.

I never get to cover all of the talking points for in my interviews. If I did, the interviews would be hours long!  Many times, an interview many only last 5 – 15 minutes. So a great deal of information I’ve researched is never shared. So if a certain interview caught your attention and you want to know more, this is the place.

Before you dig in, let me caution you: All of this information is was only for my use only during the interview, simply to jog my memory. It’s not edited, many times it’s not even a complete thought, only a bullet point. In these notes I don’t worry about spelling or grammar, they are just meant to be a quick reference for me to use.

None of the information here should be used as a standalone resource, they are only talking points.  Over the years so many of my friends, family and devoted listeners have asked me to share my interview notes with them.  So, I decided to just share them here.  If by any chance you find that these ramblings are helpful or encourage you in any way – Great!

Since you’re here, I would like to sincerely thank you for listening and then going the extra step to visit this site.

I would like to ask a favor if that’s okay? If you enjoyed or liked listening to me on your local radio or TV station, please let them know. It’s how I get invited back and then have the opportunity once again to share my thoughts and ideas with you!

Thank you again for listening and thank you for visiting my site.


Nile Nickel