Whose Internet is it, Anyway? – Net Neutrality and Title II Utility Regulation

February 11, 2015

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Show: Whose Internet is it, Anyway?

Nile Nickel, Technology Expert, LinkedIn Expert and Social Media Specialist talks about;

The biggest regulatory shake-up to the telecommunications industry since 1996 is about to take center stage. Internet service has become as critical to people in the United States as water, electricity or phone service and should be regulated like any other public utility.

The industry is sounding the alarms, warning consumers of an inevitable $72 annual tax increase on each U.S. wireless account. But advocates of the approach say that is not likely to happen and that your Internet experience probably will carry on as usual.

Technological Expert Nile Nickel uses his expertise to take a look at what “net neutrality” means and what is likely to happen.

Nile Nickel can discuss this by answering the following questions:

  1. What is Net Neutrality?
  2. Why is this issue so important to Internet and wireless user all over the world?
  3. How can net neutrality limit our usage, as well as raise our prices?